Pokken Tournament Release Update: Fighting Pokemon Darkrai, Empoleon, Scizor On Oct 13. Confirmed!

The "Pokken Tournament" arcade version is set to include an all-new character to the roster of fighting Pokemon characters. The new character is yet to be announced on Oct. 13 and will join Darkrai, Scizor and Empoleon in the "Pokken Tournament". Darkai or the new Pokemon is also rumored to join home consoles.

"Pokken Tournament" Characters

The news was taken from the official "Pokken Tournament" Twitter account. The game will feature the first time gamers can control a Pokemon character's every movement. "Pokken Tournament" will also be adding a new character since Darkai was released in July. In addition, during the time that the Darkai update was implemented in the game, several data miners were also able to find the data for two new Pokemon, Empoleon and Scizor. Both characters are said to be bipedal and includes tools that will help them win many battles.

Moreover, the update that revealed Darkai also included Rocksmash. Scizor in "Pokken tournament" will also have a Mega Evolution to go with the Burst Attack mechanic of the game. As of this writing, game developer Bandai Namco is yet to announce when both Darkai and the new character will be added to the Wii U version.

"Pokken Tournament" Speculations

Meanwhile, a leaked image was also spotted on the official website of "Pokken Tournament". This led to the speculation that either Empoleon or Scizor will be joining the lineup. Additionally, the game files for the Wii U version of "Pokken Tournament" also gave reference to Darkra, Empoleon and Scizor.

The "Pokken Tournament" added Darkai to the arcade version a few months ago. Rumor has it that either Darkai or the new battle Pokemon will be joining home consoles after the announcement next week. However, The Pokemon Company has not yet confirmed any of the rumors.

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