‘Pokemon GO’ Complete List of Pokemon GO Badges and Medal List

The ‘Pokemon GO' craze is still far from over.

There are a lot of things we learn from playing the massive mobile game ‘Pokemon GO'. And sometimes we tend to assume that we know everything about the game by following a sequence or a certain pattern. The game somehow is a game on its own. Catching, hatching and fighting other gamers pokemon are not the only things installed on this game.

A lot of tricks and tips are already posted on various sites. Others claim that they have broken the code already. Proclaiming that they know the best Nest Spawns and even finding rare and mythical pokemons in no time. They might be true or they might be just speculations, but there's another thing you need to do in ‘Pokemon GO', collect all the badges and complete the medal list.

Remember Ash, Brock, and Team Rocket? They use to hunt and search for every pokemon possible around the area. Some of them are risking their lives to do it just to complete or get a badge. A badge that is not really essential and has no value to others, but for some, once you have the badge, you have the bragging rights to every Pokemon players.

As stated, Pokemon GO Badges don't mean anything to your stats or to your rank. However, having this set of badge means you have completed a journey than others cannot do. The medals and badges in Pokemon Go are just goals and is optional to do so.

Again, the main objective of any game is to have fun. You might play the game on your own or go to adventure with your friends, your choice. Pokemon GO is a game wherein you can interact to almost anybody right now. It don't matter if your 12 year old or 25, we all grew up on this one of a kind, legendary, and innovative game.

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