Chromecast Ultra In-Depth Review: Is It Worth Upgrading From Original Google Chromecast?

Three years ago, Google released a streaming device called the Chromecast. And just earlier this week, the search engine giant released an updated version called the Chromecast Ultra. And while the newer device definitely has its benefits over the original, it also costs almost twice as much.

The Prices

According to PC Mag, Best Buy is selling the Chromecast Ultra for US$69. However, the regular Chromecast only costs about US$35.

Every since the Chromecast was released, it's been hailed as a good device because of its pricing and its features. The question is then whether or not the Ultra is worth the extra costs.

Chromecast Ultra: Specs and Features

The new Chromecast Ultra is reportedly supports 4K videos, HDR and Dolby Vision. PC Advisor also adds that it is apparently 1.8 times faster than its predecessors. It also features Ethernet support, which allows users to connect the device directly to their routers. Theoretically, this will make worrying about stable Wifi connection less of a problem.

Of course, the Google Chromecast Ultra only allows 4K video streaming, but in no way does it make a regular television set capable of doing so. So in order to take advantage of all the features, a user would need to already be in possession of a 4K television set.

Chromecast Ultra: Release Date

While the device has already been announced and is available for pre-order, the unit will not start shipping out until November 2016.

The Exchange

While the Chromecast Ultra does cost a lot more than the Chromecast, it definitely has its benefits which account for the price increase. Both devices have Wifi compatibility, no internal storage and are serviced by Google Cast. However, Google's Chromecast Ultra comes with 4K video streaming, HDR and is generally a faster unit.

Therefore, the purchase is definitely only worth making if one already has a 4K TV. Otherwise, there are much better options to choose from.

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