Final Fantasy XV May Be Overhyped, Fails To Impress At EGX 2016

Many games have caught the eyes of critics at EGX 2016, including Final Fantasy XV which really did not deliver, according to initial reviews by people that went there. The game is highly anticipated and details of it have been kept strictly on schedule, for one, we wrote an article that one of its gameplay leaks have been shot down right away but managed to write down some observations from it.

As early as 4 years ago, people preferred to be not impressed by the game at all, judging from its HD trailer. An old post at talks about Final Fantasy XV as heavily linear, too much script, not impressive in a technical standpoint, and now new battle command introduced.

Fast forward to today, David Game from My Games Lounge is kind enough to post his initial insights about the game, and it tends to lean on the 'meh' end of the spectrum. At first, he was excited and felt immersed in the game but thirty minutes later he realized that the game "doesn't feel right" and then led to his personal conclusion that Final Fantasy XV fails to impress at EGX, which he made a title for his blog.

People also had initial impressions of the game on being a less, if not totally abandoning, turn-based game, which Game would suggest to just play the original Final Fantasy VII on the PS4 for that. Next, the 'boy band' thing issue; Yep, they seem to look like it and some fans aren't happy about it, which would add up to the game being not impressive enough at EGX 2016 - for those who dislike boybands, at least.

There are more observations on the blog mentioned above that just keep describing as the game not living up to its expectation such as the game's pace is not being in place, and the demo being at the wrong place and time.

This is just an initial insight and there is still hope

Considering that it is an initial impression and not really a full-on game experience, we keep an open mind that the game will come out right. Considering the hype that it has gotten into, we do not want another No Man's Sky incident this year where the game was over-hyped but under-performed.

Below is a the FF XV gameplay for your own opinion if the game really failed to impress at EGX 2016:


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