‘Destiny 2’ Release Date, Updates: Coming Out Late 2017 As An Entirely New Game; Bungie To Ditch Old Planets, Characters, Quests?

Amid the hype of "Destiny's" recent release of its fourth and final expansion, "Rise of Iron," Bungie has been reportedly working on the second installment in the pipeline. Latest reports revealed that "Destiny 2" is up for a 2017 release as an entirely new game.

"Destiny 2" is reportedly coming out in late 2017, and along with speculations that Bungie will work on major tweaks for the survival game comes rumors that the developer might get rid of planets, some characters and some quests. According to a report from Kotaku, several sources have pinpointed that the still unannounced "Destiny 2" will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as "an entirely new game."

No More Old Planets, Characters & Quests In "Destiny 2"?

The report stressed that Bungie plans to stay away from norms of "The Taken King" expansion regardless if it is ditching old gameplay and elements. As the game website stated: "Bungie's leadership wants 'Destiny 2' to feel like a proper sequel, even if that means leaving old planets, characters and activities behind." In fact, as Kotaku quoted another source, "Destiny's" publisher and distributor Activision tapping the creatives of its own studio Vicarious Visions for the upcoming installment come to life as envisioned.

"Destiny 2" Packed With Colonies, Townships, More Interesting Quests

"Destiny 2" is also rumored to bring in "play-in" destinations. Available details for now include the fact that it will be the framework that will overhaul everything in the old game. On top of that, locations in planets will be packed with colonies and townships, and more interesting quests.

Can Players Carry Over Guardians?

Could players carry over their Guardians in the next installment if all these could be true? That remains uncertain for now. To speculate, Bungie might be entering into an immense bargaining agreement with players.

Bungie Risks "Destiny"

What are the chances that Bungie can pull off this risky decision? No one can lay down their cards yet with knowing what is at stake. For industry insiders, this imminent move of the developer can still possibly succeed citing "Diablo 2." Developer Blizzard was hell-bent on its decision not to carry over the characters and other content of "Diablo's" first installment, but still managed to make it a massive game.

"Destiny 2" PC-Exclusive?

On Sept. 27, another rumor broke out in NeoGAF that "Destiny 2" will only be PC-exclusive.  It can be noted that when "Destiny" launched on Sept. 9, 2014, it was only available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. 

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