Skyrim Remastered Update: PS4 Pro 4K Feature Confirmed, New Screenshots Revealed

Just recently, Bethesda announced that PlayStation 4 mods are finally arriving to Skyrim Remastered (as well as in Fallout 4). This certainly made the fans who're using the console happy, as this was something they've been looking forward to. Add to the hype is the fact that the title will be able to support the so-called PS4 Pro 4K feature. Sure enough, this is huge thing to be interested about.

According to Express, the studio revealed that Skyrim Remastered will be taking advantage of the robust feature in Sony's PS4 Pro added horsepower. It's worth noting that this will be the first in the list of games the video game company developed. The upcoming remastered version will frontline the capability of rendering it in 4K.

Bethesda iterated that through the aforementioned console, they're able to make Skyrim Remastered natively rendered in 4K resolution. And by that, it makes the game even better in terms of its looks and feels. To spark a hype, the company released a set of photos all of which were captured in the said reso.

Of course, the aforementioned feature should be enough to wow the fans of Skyrim Remastered. Nevertheless, the availability of PS4 mods to the title is the much needed hit the community has been hoping for. It's worth noting, however, that these mods will work differently than the ones in Xbox One. Why? That's because players won't be able to utilize any sorts of external asses.

In an official statement released by the video game company, the mod support feature will first arrive to Skyrim Remastered followed by Fallout 4. However, players won't be able to upload external assets in PS4 mods, though they can utilize it to any that arrives along with the title. As long as they create a account, they should be able to browse and try various mods from within the remastered version.

Skyrim Remastered is slated to arrive on October 28. It'll be made available across PS4, Xbox One and PC, though the latter users will be getting it for free as long as they've installed the base game.

What are your thoughts on Skyrim Remastered as well as the aforementioned 4K feature? Are you excited for its arrival? Let us know what you're currently thinking by using the comment section to write your thoughts!

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