Pokemon Go Gameplay Update: Here's How To Maximize Capture Bonuses For Rare Monsters

Pokemon GO developer Niantic recently announced a new update that will feature new capture bonuses for easier catching of rare monsters. Gamers will now be rewarded with a new capture bonus feature when earning medals. Catching certain monsters will also lead to catching the more rare, similar-type monsters.

Pokemon GO Medals For Rare Pokemons

Medals in Pokemon GO increase chances of finding the more rare creatures, Niantic wrote in a blog post. Currently, medals are given as a reward for completing objectives like catching specific types of Pokemon multiple times.

After receiving a medal for catching specific types of Pokemon like Kindler, Gardener and Psychic, gamers get a higher chance of capturing similar and more rare monsters. For instance, reaching a higher tier for Kindler medal increases chances to gain a bonus to catch Fire-type Pokemons like Charmander, Ponyta and Vulpix. It is said that "Pokemon GO" bonuses will make it easier to capture rare Pokemon when tossing a Pokeball to add to one's Pokedex.

A third-tier Kindler medal in Pokemon GO awarded for Fire Pokemon will yield a +3 bonus while a "Punk Girl" medal in turn for 10 Poison Pokemon will yield +1 bonus. However, it remains unclear how the bonus system will apply per level in terms of catching rare monsters. Catching Pokemon of the different types can reach a new tier with the bonus based on the average bonuses for each type. For instance, Pidgey, a Normal and Flying Type would yield a bonus of the average of the bonuses of both types, Niantic said.

Pokemon GO Tiers Benefits

Meanwhile, tiering up in Pokemon GO will also increase chances of catching certain types of Pokemon. For example, catching a specific number of water-type creatures could yield a Swimmer medal which can increase chances of capturing rare water-type Pokemon. Reaching a higher tier for the Kindler Medal may lead to capturing Fire-type Pokemon like Vulpix, Ponyta and Charmander.

Pokemon GO enthusiasts are said to respond well to the announcement. However, gamers have voiced their concerns that game developer Niantic should focus on developing a robust tracking system, a feature that was used during the first launch. It remains unclear when Niantic will roll out the update but is rumored to be soon. Watch the SNEAK PEEK of New Capture Bonus in Pokémon GO October Update:

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