GTA V: Biker DLC Update: Heavy Multiplayer Aspects Guide To New DLC

GTA V: Biker DLC has officially been released and is now available for download. The game mode reportedly puts huge emphasis into membership in a biker gang with heavy multiplayer aspects. The single player mode is yet to be seen.

GTA V: Biker DLC New Multiplayer Mode 

The GTA V: Biker DLC news came a few days before the release of the new Biker downloadable content, which is all about an all-new multiplayer mode focused on bikes, GameSpot reported. The GTA V: Biker DLC includes a wide array of new vehicles and bikes and also come with new weapons and choices in clothing.

The Western Rat Bike is also said to be included in the GTA V: Biker. Moreover, the new game mode will allow players to join or form a club, go on Co-op missions and take part in gang wars. The game will also have different types of members classifications such as prospects and the president. Gangs are also said to comprise of up to eight members. Prospects need to earn the president's respect to get promoted within in the ranks.

When approaching MC Clubhouse properties, GTA V: Biker players or bikers can interact using a special biker mechanic. However, it remains unverified what this particular NPC can do. Moreover, the bikers are expected to nab, buy and customize their own bikes. The prospects are those under the thug level and the presidents are the ones who call the shots. "GTA V: Biker" gamers are required to join the Motorcycle Club found near Blaine County. Being associated with this club will allow players to progress through the ranks.

How To Create GTA V: Biker DLC Club

Meanwhile, here are the steps to form a club in GTA V: Biker. First, decide to start as president or join a club. Then, follow the role. For those who want to play the prospect role and do the grunt work, an invite to the club is one option. Another can be found in the Interaction Menu>Motorcycle Club>Looking For MC>On. To create a club, access the internet in-game, go to FORECLOSURE Maze Bank. Another option is to go to the top option in  Money and Services.

GTA V: Biker clubhouses run from $200,000 at the start of the desert or at the dead center of the map to $495,000 in the Vinewood hills. Customizing the place will also cost more, AttackoftheFanBoy reported. The DLC is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.



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