Everything you Need to Know About Google Daydream VR

After its first announcement, the Daydream Virtual Reality might become the newest hit. At only $79, Daydream comes with a controller and a VR headset, allowing anyone with an Android phone to experience the best of virtual reality.

The Daydream View which looks nothing like the rest of the VR rigs (PSVR, Occulus Rift, HTC vive) maybe even better as expected. At least, that's what Google's VR lead, Clay Bavor thinks.

Google Daydream: Design

Google's Headset is crafted from fabric rather than hard plastic, Engadget reported. One thing that separates it from the rest is the fact that its 30% lighter compared to other VRs. Arstechnica added that the gear weighs 318g without a phone. Also, it comes in handy with three colors: Snow, Slate and Crimson.

Google Daydream: VR Controls

Rather than place the headset controls on the headset itself, Daydream View sports a small remote similar to Oculus' for more comfort and efficiency. The number of straps and clips intended to keep the device on place has also been minimized. Much more is that users need not to take their glasses off to use the headset.

As a universal VR headset, the VR comes in an image alignment system, meaning that the View does not lock in the phone in a certain position.

The phone compartment has six bumper pads: one in each corner of the tablet and two in the center. The two center pads has the capacity to carry a load that is read by the touchscreen. The top and bottom center nubs contact the screen, and the software connects everything, allowing the image to fit perfectly with the lenses. Daydream View does not use electronic headset making it fairly simple, yet it works.

Google Daydream: Compatible Phones

Although, Google is currently working to make the Daydream View compatible to any phone, so far, Pixel is the first Handset that's been announced for the VR. Both of Pixel's smartphones - Pixel and Pixel XL - work with the handset.

Google is also making Android Nougat on Daydream-ready phones as friendly as possible allowing smooth access and steady gameplay. Possible Daydream-ready phones are Samsung, LG, HTC, ASUS, Xiaomi and ZTE Alcatel. Huawei also released a statement saying that they will be manufacturing Daydrea-ready phones, headsets and controllers.

According to Wearable, App partners include the New York Times, Wall Street Journal for newsm Hulu, NetFlix, HBO, and Imax. USA Today, CNN, MLB, NBA and Lionsgate have also signed up.

Google Daydream: Compatible Price

Daydream VR costs $79, making it cheaper than Gear VR that costs at $99. The Google Daydream View is designed to be more accessible for those who cannot afford the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or PlayStation VR's premium rates. The gear is scheduled to be out in November and will be available in Google Store, Verizon, Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse U.K. Other retail stores and carriers have yet to be announced.

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