Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks: How To Skip The Egg Hatching Animation

There are lots of activities to be done when playing Pokemon Go like walking around town locating Pokestops, battling at Pokemon gyms, collecting wild pokemon along the way, upgrading your pokemon with candy and star dust, calculating CP, calculating IV, calculating damage, identifying which Pokemon to challenge gym defenders, then there's a lot more of walking to hatch eggs.

Have you noticed that when an egg hatches while hunting for Pokemon, it pops out on your screen interrupting what you are currently doing? This is a waste of a few precious seconds specially when you are trying to catch that precious Abra with a flee rate of 99%. Well to save those seconds being hogged by the egg hatch animation, one smart and awesome dude taught everyone on how to skip that useless scene. Reportedly, the tip came from a Redditor named UppyGSY and with all our hearts and precious seconds saved, thank you very much!

The tutorial simply says:

"When the "Oh?" message pops up, simply pinch inwards as if you were zooming out on a map on your phone. This will cancel the animation for that egg!"

And that's it! All you have to do is 'pinch it'! Niantic really did a good job on the egg hatching animation, which is really cute and makes you eager what comes out of the egg, but for people having a hard time catching rare Pokemon, this is not cute after all.

Are there drawbacks to this trick? Is this legal?

Uhm, yes this is 100% legal, you won't get your country banned when doing this trick. As for a drawback, yes, unfortunately there is one tiny drawback: you will not be able to find out right away what Pokemon came out of the egg. However, you can always check your journal and see the recent egg hatch result. Simple, ey?

Does this work on the evolution scene?

Sad to say, NO, pinching your screen during this scene doesn't do anything, anyway evolution animations do not disturb what you are currently doing as you are evolving the Pokemon yourself, although it will be nice to have a skip feature anytime soon. I hop Niantic Labs reads about this.

Go ahead and try this trick if it worked or not, you can always leave a comment below. Until then do what it takes 'to be the very best' trainer in Pokemon Go!

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