Power Rangers Official Trailer: Tone, Suits And Megazords

After months of waiting and seeing updates about Power Rangers casts and other information, Power Rangers' reboot trailer is finally out and people had not stopped talking about the tone of the movie and how serious it looked like. The movie's first official teaser trailer was posted on the Power Rangers Facebook page and surely took people's attention and people went nuts over it before it was immediately taken down. The trailer was re-posted later on as part of NYCC (New York Comic-Con).

The teaser trailer was a two-minute long video and showed a pretty good impression regarding its tone and seriousness. People referred to the teaser as "super duper serious" and they're not quite sure whether the seriousness is exciting or disappointing them because of the fact that Power Rangers had always been humorous and people expected for a little bit of comic-relief.

 Also, in the trailer, the Rangers were introduced and showed how they all met each other. It also showed a part of what they discovered that lead them to turn into superheroes. Although the trailer didn't show much action, they were able to show a glimpse of the villain of the movie which is Rita Repulsa which is played by Elizabeth Banks. It is also very noticeable that Rita Repulsa looks a lot different from the original one.

Another thing, Power Rangers fans noticed in the trailer that the Rangers' zords seemed to be missing in action, it's totally unavoidable for the fans to expect for the megazords in the trailer since it had been featured in the posters that are being released lately. People are also a little bit disappointed because they weren't able to take a glimpse of the Rangers' suit at all.

Power Rangers release date will be on March 24, 2017.

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