Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Trailer Intense Zombie-Action And Epic Conclusion

Sony released a new trailer of the new Resident Evil: The Final Chapter during NYCC (New York Comic-Con). The trailer teased a little bit about Alice's past and motives and also showed some intense zombie action, monsters and not to mention the triple-barrel shotguns that would bring nothing but excitement to Resident Evil fans.

Paul W.S. Anderson, the movie's director claimed that he is expecting for the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter to be scarier compared to all of the series of movies that he has ever made. Meanwhile, Milla Jovovich, the movie's star who will be playing the role of Alice stated that it will have the "the best, more surprising death sequences". Both the star and the director were also asked in an interview if The Final chapter would be that last movies in the series but neither of them confirmed or answered the question straight-forward.

"This movie the last fifty percent of it is all in that same environment with that same intensity and that same scariness but even the stuff earlier in Washington D.C. there are some great... I mean there are some of the best scares that I've ever directed,"

The movie is thoroughly based on Capcom's video game franchise and according to Anderson; it is one of the reasons why the Resident Evil series had been a success over the years. The fact that the series of movies had earned more than $1 billion, it is because the filmmakers respect the video games that they base their movies on. Also, the reason why most video-game based movies are usually rated the lowest is because the filmmakers don't fully understand the video games that they're going to make a movie out of.

Although, Anderson and Jovovich are waving their farewell to the franchise after The Final Chapter, there will still be a possibility that the series could be continued with a different director and casts.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will be hitting the theaters on January 27,2017.        

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