Photo Of Overwatch's Sombra Leaked Before Halloween Release: Achieves Meme Status

Leaks in video games are commonplace, whether it's from angry ex-employees or hackers who managed to steal information. Many video games have either been spoiled or gained popularity due to these. Heck! even Ryan Reynold's Deadpool movie shouldn't have happened if not for the leak in its test footage.

Whether or not Overwatch's upcoming new hero, Sombra, deserved to be spoiled before her intended Halloween release one thing's for sure -she looks awesome.

Overwatch's Sombra Unmasked And Unravelled

The leak was courtesy of a Russian Overwatch goup in Reddit and it showed Sombra's picture included with her backstory and hero description. The main URL has since been taken down but a screenshot of the page has been making rounds all over social media. What was previously a Skull Mask associated with the hero now has a face of a Latina woman in badass gear.

According to Forbes, everything aligns to what they've learned about Overwatch's new character Sombra from early hints. And Although the leak has been picked up by the aforementioned internet business magazine, Polygon, YouTube, and other social media networking sites, Blizzard is remaining silent. Whether they decided to deal with it internally or simply aren't interested in giving a statement is anyone's guess, everyone is waiting in the sidelines for the meantime.

As people await updates, Sombra from Overwatch officially achieves meme status as several fanarts and hilarious content surfaces from various social media networking sites, like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. At such a short span of time, people have managed to share several of these across various social media platforms. It's savage hyping at work. One user even shared that if the Sombra leak is fake, then someone just made their OC (own character) famous.

Sombra is an upcoming character from Overwatch, and the subject of an upcoming Augmented Reality Game. Some theories say that Sombra is the little girl Soldier 76 saved in his cinematic trailer. Share us your theories too. What do you think of the leak about Sombra? Is it real or fake?

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