Overwatch Update: Why You Need To Stop Using Roadhog (For Now)

Overwatch brought Blizzard's reputation to a certain height. It proved just how legit the video game company is when it comes to developing such titles. Nevertheless, the game didn't escape the existence of bugs (of sort). The hero by the name of Roadhog has been on the limelight following its reported broken hook.

According to Kotaku, the aforementioned Overwatch hero is under scrutiny, as players noticed its hook to be working improperly. As intended, the aforesaid skill shouldn't be going through walls once deployed. It simply has no business in such area. Although it might be an advantage to the gamer using him, it doesn't sit well to most fans -- especially the ones who fall victim to it.

It's worth noting that this complaint about Roadhog in Overwatch has been a thing since the start of May this year. That the way the hook works defies the literal law of physics, giving both the hero and the player a slight advantage over the others.

Sure enough, a great number of Overwatch players have voiced out their frustrations towards it over social media sites. Take for example Lirk, who is a known Twitch streamer. He just experienced this exploitation earlier this month. Caitlin (also a streamer), on other hand, also shared her own share of experience. Most certainly, both weren't happy.

It's interesting, however, that there are Overwatch fans who came up with a theory about Roadhog's infamous hook. Others believe that it's probably a hitscan, while there are those who see it as a sort of projectile. In fact, a popular theory (which can be checked here) explains that the said hook can instantly make contact with an opponent upon sight. That whenever an enemy is visible even for a second, the hero's hooking skill can catch him off guard within a blink of an eye.

Blizzard, nevertheless, has shed some light regarding the talks about the Overwatch hero. The studio, in an effort to explain it all, pointed out that it's simply the works of the game's engine. That Roadhog's hook can be likened to a sphere in which the hero throws out, searching for a certain target to lock. In a sense, this debunked the theory that it's a hitscan attack. The video game company also iterated that they're going to investigate further and make the necessary adjustments. Well, that's a formal way of saying that the hero will be getting a nerf.

What are your thoughts on Roadhog's hook in Overwatch? Did you experience it as well? Share us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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