GTA 5 Secret Vehicles, New Weather Pattern Revealed

Sometime in March, the so-called GTA 5 Lowriders update acquired the Custom Classics patch for players to enjoy. And now, with the latest content titled Biker, it's said to be getting its very own as well. That sooner or later, Rockstar Games will introduce a number of brand new vehicles. Not just that, a rumored Halloween content is also believed to be on its way.

According to a Tweet from known GTA 5 tipster name CrewBoss, the studio is set to release a total of eight new vehicles anytime soon. That, in one way or another, the video game company is just holding things out, waiting for the right moment to release them. In fact, these are said to be hidden in the game's files.

While the release date of the aforementioned secret GTA 5 vehicles has yet to be announced, the images of these have surfaced online. The first on the list is Daemon 2, which is a customized version of the titular Western Daemon. Next is Esskey, a bike that sports standards and/or features similar to a mild café racer.

Also part of the upcoming GTA 5 vehicles is the three-wheeler Raptor, resembling the real-life T-Rex trike motorbike. This is definitely a nice ride to own. Sanctus, on the other hand, is the kind that features a Halloween-themed design. It has a skull headlight on it, with the gas tank designed as a skeletal rib. More of these vehicles can be seen in CrewBoss' Twitter.

Furthermore, GTA 5 fans can expect a brand new weather pattern sooner or later, as reported by iDigitalTimes. The latter is expected to arrive as an inclusion in the upcoming Halloween update, though its release date is still unknown. The aforesaid weather pattern could introduce Halloween-like clouds and/or orange mist effect.

You can know more about the forthcoming GTA 5 vehicles by checking out the video of MrBossFTW, also a known tipster in the community. He also included a quick rundown for the respective customizations of these vehicles.

What are your thoughts on GTA 5 as well as the new set of vehicles? Which one is your favorite? What are your expectations for the Halloween update? Be sure to share us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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