GTA 6 To Be Revealed At E3 2017, Release Date Points On 2018

GTA 6 has been in the rumor mill for quite some time already, as fans and gamers alike continue to speculate the supposed title. Rockstar, nevertheless, has remained mummed about its possible existence. New reports, however, point out that the studio is set to unveil the installment at the so-called E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) next year. This is to set the game's momentum, as it's slated to be released come 2018.

According to Christian Daily, Rockstar is said to release the highly anticipated GTA 6 sometime in 2018, though no exact date has been reported. Apart from that, fans can expect the video game company to make a big reveal for the title in the forthcoming E3 2017 -- one of the largest gaming events in the industry.

The aforementioned released date for GTA 6 is something that most critics and reviewers would agree. That the studio is unlikely to unleash it just yet and that 2018 is the most viable option for the very least. True enough, the company is still reaping sales from the success of GTA 5 -- the latest and current flagship title in the franchise.

It's also worth noting that releasing GTA 6 in 2018 is a good move for Rockstar to consider. Why? That's because it'll give the developers enough time to develop any key features or contents they wish to add to the forthcoming installment. After all, the community will be expecting a lot from it.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, there are rumors about GTA 6 being released as an Xbox Scorpio exclusive. While this can be an interesting thing to look forward to, some fans aren't just happy about it. That's simply because it would mean buying the console in order to experience the game. Nevertheless, these are all but mere speculations.

As for its features, GTA 6 is said to introduce a large map as well as a VR support. The latter, in particular, will be very timely for the above-mentioned release window. Moreover, the game is rumored to introduce London as its main setting, as the people involved in developing it are mostly hailing from the aforesaid place.

What are your thoughts on GTA 6? Do you also believe that Rockstar will unleash it come 2018? What are your expectations for the title? Let us know what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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