Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Round-up: What Is Known So Far About The Controversial Samsung Series

Now that Samsung is already wrapping up its recall program, fans are starting to talk about the next Note device. While it's still a bit early to discuss about the Note 8, there have already been patent leaks about it online. Here are the two Samsung Galaxy Note 8 patents that have been spotted recently:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 News: Camera-related Patent Spotted

According to a report by Yahoo, Samsung has filed a patent in South Korea and it aims to improve its device's camera interface. It was said that Samsung might be changing how the camera is navigated as it adds new screen gestures. Furthermore, the zooming features of the cameras are also expected to receive some changes. Needless to say, this is still a premature information and Samsung may still disregard this patent in the final Galaxy Note 8 product.

The interesting part in this, however, is the fact that the said patent was filed one week after the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus' launch. This could mean that Samsung's decision to improve the Note 8's camera has been provoked by the iPhone 7 Plus' hefty camera specs. Needless to say, this could also be just a happy coincident.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 News: Stylus-related Patent Spotted

Apart from the possibility of getting a more improved camera specs, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could also be getting a more improved stylus. According to TechRadar, there was also a filed patent that aims to put a speaker in the Note 8's stylus. According to the patent, the S Pen's speakers will work differently depending on the stylus' position. Nevertheless, a patent doesn't always guarantee that the feature will exist in the device. However, this still confirms Samsung's intention to improve its stylus.

Being one of the Note series' key selling points, the S Pen is indeed a significant part of the Galaxy Note 8. So with a set of possible improvements like the one mentioned here, it seems like Samsung will indeed be making up for Note 7's hard luck. Nonetheless, the release date of the Note 8 might still be a little too far away. Basing on Samsung's past Note phablet release, the Galaxy Note 8 could be launched August or September of 2017.

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