'Stranger Things' Season 2 News And Update: Eleven Not Returning; 'Outrageous' Demands From Millie Bobby Brown's Father The Cause?

It was earlier announced that "Stranger Things" Season 2 may not include Eleven in the cast. Even Millie Bobby Brown admits she is not sure if her character will return in the series. However, reports claim that the real reason why Eleven's return is undetermined is because of the child star's father and his "outrageous" demands.

 According to reports, Robert "Bobby" Brown demands to represent his daughter, Millie Bobby Brown, in every contract negotiation instead of the talent agents. Although it is understandable for parents to have specific demands for their child stars, it seems Brown's father has exceeded the limit. After the success of "Stranger Things" first season, Millie is reported to have separated from the kid's division of Paradigm Agency and is believed to be still unrepresented as of today, even though many other agencies would love to have her under them.

Reports say there is nothing wrong with parents negotiating on behalf of their child but Brown seems to be asking more than he should, such as asking for a signing fee and expecting payment from the agency for having the privilege of representing Millie. Asking for such fees are not exactly illegal but it is not customarily done. Moreover, any agency agreeing to do this will open issues with their current talents and change all future arrangements. The price to represent Millie Bobby Brown is said to be at $100,000.

Robert Brown reveals that his decision for the asking fee is due to the number of financial trials the family is going through which also made them decide to go back in U.K. The family was staying with an aunt when they were filming the first season of the series. And now that "Stranger Things" has brought better fortune and success to the family, Brown wants to make sure the family will have a normal and stable lifestyle. Millie describes it as "very hard" and admits there were "lots of tears along the way."

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