BioShock: The Collection Kicks Off An Important PC Update

Since BioShock: The Collection's released last month, it has already topped the sales charts since it interests gamers to get their hands on its 1080p title remasters. However, these seemingly successful sales rates were contradicted by the game's PC problems. Numerous players have encountered issues related to mouse acceleration trouble, crashes that have regular intervals, problems on the game reverting into default setting every time it crashes - thus it deletes any changes that the gamer previously made.

A report from Game Rant revealed that a Bioshock: The Collection PC patch has already been released. This update contains series of fixes intended for Bioshock and Bioshock 2. It has an adjustable field of view fixes (75 to 130), a fix for mouse button assignments 4 and 5, an adjustable mouse icon size that can fit with a resolution, 21:9 resolutions can already be supported, and its UI can also now support two modes (stretch or centered) in these resolutions. Both of the games will also receive "miscellaneous bug fixes". Most of the gamers have already noted improvements on the performance of the game. However, others said that issues related to the game's mouse acceleration and default settings problems, which includes difficulty settings resetting after the game is closed, were still not addressed. In addition, a drop on terms of the game's frame rate was also identified, especially in combat. This issue made BioShock: The Collection as another PC game release that has been subjected to a frame rate controversy together with Mafia 3 PC.

This patch is a first attempt to level-up the game's capacity to run on PC, where it was intended. 2K encourages players to consistently report problems, so that its support team can work on the issues. Despite the prompt response of 2K regarding the game's issues, PC gamers are still asking why this major release on the PC platform has too many problems after being launched.


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