'Westworld' Season 2 In The Works; Video Games Inspired The Show?

Executive producer Jonathan Nolan reveals the series "Westworld" was inspired by the numerous video games he had to play as part of the research for the show. Season two of the series, although has not been given the greenlight yet by HBO, is already in the works and will give the creators the opportunity to address parts that were not included in the first season.

According to Nolan, he and his wife Lisa Joy, who also happens to be one of the show's creator, played many video games including "Grand Theft Auto". Nolan hilariously claims "My wife is the world's more boring 'Grand Theft Auto' player," as she actually stops whenever the traffic light goes red. Nolan also admits he is a huge fan of "BioShock" video game series, saying that it has one of the best stories he has seen in the last decade and describes it as "thoughtful and literate".

Actor Ben Barnes, who plays Logan, even thinks his character's story is somewhat similar to the missions a player get in "Grand Theft Auto" saying "it was certainly very freeing to play someone who doesn't give a... care," he added. Same goes with Thandie Newton who also mentioned that the series has a video-game feel in it saying "Suddenly this authentic world becomes a game,"

Showrunner Lisa Joy explains she wanted the series to give a different story to android characters instead of just making them go against the humans that created them. Newton explains that as the androids slowly gain memories of their terrifying experiences, it gives them a different level of freedom and consciousness.

"Westworld" is an HBO TV series that is a remake of a 1973 film of the same name. The series is set in a fictional place called "Westworld" which is a themed amusement park where people can do whatever they wish to the synthetic androids called "hosts" in the park.

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