Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location Complete Guide To Get All Three Secret Stars And Unlock Everything

By Mario Manlupig, Jr. , Oct 10, 2016 01:27 PM EDT

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location gameplay requires players to earn three stars in order to finish the game like a pro. One star requires players to stay alive for five nights. Before gaining two or three more stars, players have to survive more challenges. Surviving each star reveals new features, including ones that will help you get through the next two stars.

Basically, the first star is the easiest to achieve and the game's difficulty raises a notch after each star gained. Before completing the third and final star, players will have to encounter new animatronics, not to mention they are more deadly and vicious. On top of that, an alternate end-game event will bring you to a known location. Here's the complete guide to get all three secret stars:

Earn Star #1 And Reveal The "Extras" Menu

Accomplishing the activities before getting the first star is relatively easy. As mentioned, the only way to get this is to survive your first five nights at the pizza parlor. Once you get lucky to finish the final quest, instructions are given. Perform given instructions. Earning the first star reveals the "Extras" menu.

Earn Star #2 And Get The Keycard

Stepping up a notch higher means more difficult challenges. Earning the second star of the game will need you to go through a mini game that only comes out when you die. How does it happen? After surviving five nights, a mini game shall pop up. Finish it by pulling together treats and give them away to children that will appear on your screen. Then, you will get your second star alongside the keycard.

What is the keycard for anyway? This keycard will allow you access to a locked Private Room during your fifth night. Remember, it's the only way to get you to the last stage.

Earn Star #3 And Get The Alternate Ending

Meet the most vicious of all animatronics: Ennard. Using your keycard, open the Private Room's door. Before you could even open the room, here's a few tasks you need to get done:

  • Go back to Night 5 with two stars.
  • Lead the Circus Baby to the Scooping Room.
  • Head over to the Funtime Auditorium.
  • Hoover your cursor rightwards.
  • Press both W and D keys together to open the Private Room.

Remember that you cannot enter the Private Room without your keycard with you. Ennard meanwhile should now be right in front of you. Make your way out so you can survive. When you stay out alive, you accomplish Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location and see the alternate ending.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is now available on Steam for $6.79 only.

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