Aragami Review: Why Stealth Fans Love It

Stealth Games have earned quite a following through the decades. Some love it, others hate it, and quite a few gets easily bored of it. When you have so many action-packed games that offer great storyline and varying experiences of hate, love, and disgust - a plethora of confusing emotions, the market could be tough. On that note, this is a quick look into Aragami and why Stealth fans love it.

The Perks Of Being A Stealth Game

Stealth games have gained so much love and popularity over the decades. Even some stages in games that are not a hundred percent stealth require you to practice it once in a while and the opportunity to do so can be quite satisfying. (Those Skyrim cinematic kills though.) In modern stealth games, players can still take out a bunch of goons by themselves if their stealth fails. That's perfect for the lazy gamer, like me.

In Aragami however, quite a bit of patience and a bit more effort is needed and put into your stealth play. It's a stealth game through and through that getting found out is more likely than not means it's game over. Like most stealth games, staying in the shadows is wise, getting detected is not especially if the guards have laser swords that shoots light at you.

Many players have said it's similar to Tenchu but the amazing art style and relaxing background music of Aragami is a contrast to the difficulty of it - in fact it counters it beautifuly. As if it's intended to make the game less frustrating - which is what Tenchu was to most. In the end, it's everything Tenchu is but more.

With such an amazing art style, I knew I had to expect more from Aragami. Storywise however, it fails to amaze as it chose the unoriginal and a bit overused revenge trope. With that in mind, Lince Works could have focused more on the gameplay instead of the storyline.

In Aragami, you play as a vampire-ish ninja who came back from the dead with the help of a floating spiritual lady- who in return is asking for your help to free her. As a ninja, you have several abilities at your disposal but the ultimate one being is the power to become invisible when hidden in the shadows and control them. You have to find the 'key' to your existence before your existential crises kick in by fighting the army of Light Kaiho as you try to rescue Yamiko - the lady who raised you back from "perdition."

Aragami is available on Steam for $19.99. The game also features Co-op gameplay. All in all, with a low price for a decent game is a good deal. Especially if the game is the Tenchu game everyone has been waiting for - even though it has nothing to do with any of the Tenchu series.

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