Clash of Clans Update: 5 Biggest Changes To Watch Out Anytime Now [October 11]

Clash of Clans or COC is still the most popular mobile games these days based on reports. As game designer Supercell continues to balance the game with updates at regular intervals, the October update is expected to bring new features that will make the game balance more efficient and appealing to the players. With rumors suggesting that the game comes with a number of changes, the new updates are expected to release any time now.

Clash Of Clans Update On Oct. 11

The new Clash of Clans update is believed to feature the introduction of Bomb Tower. This interesting change is reported to allow the player to unlock the tower after reaching town hall 8 or higher. In addition, the Bomb Tower could also transform into a giant bomb when destroyed.

Clash Of Clans October Update Features

Other expected changes in the Clash of Clans update include those different defense units and troops. Wizard's maximum level is reportedly maxed up to level 7, along with the level 6 wizard power that is slightly increased. Moreover, level 6 wizards are rumored to be included in town hall 9, when it was previously unlocked at town hall 10.

Clash of Clans' Hidden Tesla level will be maxed at 9 and can be unlocked at town hall 11. On the other hand, Baby Dragon level is upgraded to level 8, available at town hall 11. Also, there will be a significant increase in the levels 8 and 9 mortars, and skeleton spells may spawn more skeletons.

Clash Royale Combos, Guide, Tricks

Meanwhile, another Supercell game Clash Royale is reportedly requiring a number of critical thinking to the players. Besides getting a few of the best cards or more key to achieving success is believed to be possible through making good combos in the deck. In a tweet posted by the game developer, an awesome Giant Skeleton and Valkyrie combo was mentioned that may destroy the towers.

Clash Royale combos include Golem, Balloon and Goblin barrel; Skeleton Army and Barbarians, Giant Skeleton; and the Wizard and Minions. Watch video on ALL UPGRADED TROOPS & WEAPONS! (Clash of clans October 2016 Update) here:

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