NBA 2K17 Gameplay Tricks: How To Achieve All MyPark Secret Badges?

NBA 2K17 MyPark Badges are reportedly kept hidden, despite reports indicating that there are plenty in the game. In fact, some players claim that it needs a good amount of precision in order to achieve more. Given such difficulty, a list of these hard-to-get badges including how to achieve them are shown through a YouTube video.

How To Find NBA 2K17 MyPark Badges

Through NBA 2K17 SplashBrosHD YouTube video, a list of MyPark Badges and guide for a quick and easy way of getting some is provided. One of these is the 7 OH'S badge that can be attained by getting 50 highlight plays. Based on reports, this badge is best achieved on a three-score play.

NBA 2K17 Game Point Badge

In NBA 2K17 MyPark, the Game Point badge is attained by giving out plenty of winning shots. A few players reportedly begin with 50, some on the other hand, have 75. This means that the result differs with every player produced. Also, it is likely easier for players who have currently more.

NBA 2K17 Iron Man Badge

NBA 2K17 Iron Man badge is helpful in going through for a dunk or a fast break. Reports indicate that this rarely makes the players lose energy. To get a badge like this, consistent play and run out of energy for about 100 times is the key.

NBA 2K17 Bone Collector Badge

Moreover, NBA 2K17 Bone Collector badge needs consistency in how they make a play. To get one, players need to achieve 100 ankle-breakers on the MyPark mode. Lastly, the Winners Only badge boosts the shot accuracy, and players must heat up 50 times to attain these badges.

NBA 2K17 1.03 Patch Features

Meanwhile, NBA 2K17 patch 1.03 has already been released for the PC and PS4; Xbox version is coming soon. According to reports, the update comes with a number of new features. However, it also brought some adjustments in the NBA rules and the Euro league games.

NBA 2K17 1.03 patch is reported to affect the game, as the new update brought some changes in the team substitution patterns, including the 1992 Dream Team and the jerseys. Given these changes, the settings are expected to adjust automatically to the rules of the Euro league for players that will choose it. Watch how to "GET NBA 2K17 MyPark BADGES INSTANTLY ! HOW TO GUIDE TO GET SECRET MyPark BADGES !!!" video here:

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