Google To Fix RAM Problem In New Chrome 55, Set For December Release

Google's Chrome has been leading among other web browsers for the past years. However, Chrome users still face the biggest flaw of the browser. Now, the tech company is keen on fixing that problem. Google will release the new Chrome 55 on Dec. 6.

Are you a heavy Chrome user? Do you often open multiple tabs in your browser? Google Chrome consumes a lot of RAM. It slows down the system and drains battery faster. Less powerful devices suffer a lot worse. However, Google will bank on an update to Javascript V8.

An Update To Javascript V8

An update to Javascript V8 will allow Chrome 55 to use a lesser amount of RAM. According to Engadget, the consumption of RAM for websites like The New York Times, Reddit and YouTube will be reduced by 50 percent. The updated Javascript V8 will have a reduced heap size and zone memory, according to Digital Trends.

The current browser normally has been using memory in the background. This will be resolved in Chrome 55. It also has made improvements in the browser's "garbage collector" code. This means that unused RAM's are cleaned up and released back to the system.

The latest version was also tested on sites such as Imgur and Twitter. Google wants to ensure that it's effective in saving RAM usage. According to CNET, the tech company will also work on optimizations for lower-end devices with less than 1GB RAM.

The Current Chrome Browser Is Less Power-Efficient

As it was mentioned, such unused RAM in the background drains the battery. According to PC Mag, independent tests proved that Chrome is a memory hog. Its memory usage is twice as much as Firefox. This is based on the site's own memory test.

Microsoft has previously claimed back in June that their Edge browser is more power-efficient than Chrome.

According to the Apple Insider, the Chrome 55 will be released on Dec. 6. Though people can access it through Google's beta channel.

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