Google Pixel Phones Will Affect Apple's iPhone Sales In Many Ways

Mostly, people who have sworn their loyalty to the Apple smartphone series will hardly be convinced and swayed to switch from an intended iPhone purchase to perhaps a new Google Pixel phone purchase if their intent is going to be to purchase a brand new iPhone 7 Plus. A lot of people may already be locked towards Apple, and have no intent or reason to switch, considering that Apple does have a far better product.

However, it has been reported that over 90% of customers that buy smartphones at direct carrier stores, large retail stores, and authorized dealers have always been able to be persuaded to another device, if that particular device meets or exceeds the fundamental features of the iPhone and is less costly. With that though being considered, we can definitely say that Google will pose a deep threat towards the iPhone's sales.


Google has collaborated with Verizon for the official roll out of the Pixel series. This partnership would prove very beneficial since the iPhone 1 and AT&T did work together very well. This partnership can potentially bring two outcomes:

With this partnership, there is truly no doubt that Google and Verizon will the promotion of the Pixel series over Apple and even Samsung. This will come through a series of strategies like ads and sales spiffs based on sales volume. This will procure a distribution of the Android market with Google Pixel taking a commanding percentage of sales over Apple.

Based on the experimental results, the steering of smartphones at direct carrier cellular phone stores, large retail stores, and authorized dealers have been identified to also take a percentage of purchasers who intended to purchase an iPhone to be steered over towards a Google Pixel device.

Google will definitely make strides on dominating Apple

With 65% of smartphones being purchased in retail stores, the impact towards iPhone sales may be notably significant. But, as big of a company Apple is, and with their phones primarily being sold at Apple stores all over the world, this will prove to be a less likely noticeable problem.

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