No Man’s Sky Update: Sean Murray Working On Major Patch?

No Man's Sky will have an update real soon. A Hello Games insider told reporters that Sean Murray is busy working on a major patch.

No Man's Sky Audio Director Confirms Upcoming Patch

NMS audio director Paul Weir told reporters that Hello Games Chief Sean Murray is currently developing a major update for the game, according to the Bitbag. Weir however, would not disclose further information on what to expect from the upcoming patch.

No Man's Sky - Players' Feeling Towards The Game.

No Man's Sky was one of the most highly anticipated independent games of 2016. That excitement turned into disappointment when the players finally got their hands on NMS. It seems many of the promised features were not included in No Man's Sky. There were also a number of bugs present in the game. The disappointment was so great that many were demanding a refund from retailers such as the Steam store. Hello Games was also recently investigated for false advertisement

Unfortunately, the former NMS fans were not through with the game or Hello Games. Online forums about NMS were filled angry people ranting about the game. The hate was so intense that one major NMS Reddit site shut down for a few hours because the moderator could no longer take it anymore.

NMS Chief Director Sean Murray

Sean Murray no doubt received a lot of flak from former fans of No Man's Sky. His last Twitter post was on August 18, according to attackofthefanboy. Since then, he has remained silent both online and offline. Many have speculated that the game director may have given up on the game and abandoned the NMS players.

 It has been reported though that Murray will reappear this October and update the NMS community with some good news about the game. Hopefully, he could deliver the much need patch for No Man's Sky.

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