Half-Life VR To Arrive Soon; Game Code Leaked On Steam VR App

Valve, Steam's parent company, has been known as a huge virtual reality supporter for a long time. Offering numerous VR games on the Steam store already. In addition, they also had released their very own virtual reality headset called the HTC Vive, earlier this year. Currently, it seems like Valve is not done releasing more VR games as the company is set to launch an upcoming VR entry in one of its storied game franchises.

According to the reports from Attack of the Fanboy, the latest game code found in the Steam VR app pointed out to one of the famous franchise Half-Life. Steam's virtual reality app called Destinations hinted that the Half-Life's VR version is now in development. Destinations enable players to explore both real and virtual places along with their friends and it is updated regularly.

Based on the reports from Game Rant, Destinations latest update came on September 26 which was then found out that some updated files and game code that refers to something called HL: VR. The game code contains strings that is related to weapons, VR controller movement and several other features. However, some other players believed that the code was just a spare from Valve's former VR experiments with Half-Life.

Apparently, there are several recently known evidences pointing out that the discovery was not just an inactive artifact such as the leaked code actually switches the original code that was found on Destinations. It could actually mean that the Half-Life VR development has been progressing at some point. In addition, Valve Programmer, Jeep Barnett said that the company will not disregard of bringing Half-Life VR to life and the team would love to bring all other Valve's franchises to virtual reality.

Nonetheless, bringing one of the most successful franchise from the company could be huge for virtual reality. While Half-Life VR could be a factor to boost the virtual reality gaming and being the major factor in the gaming industry in long term.


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