7 Disappointing Experiences With The PlayStation 4 So Far

Top 10 Most DISAPPOINTING PS4 Games So Far
One of the disappointing games for the PS4 Photo : YouTube / GameCross

The first time I held my PlayStation 4 controller three years ago I was in awe. I was so happy to find out that the annoying thumb sticks are now distanced to a point that my thumbs would have lesser chance of colliding unlike the Dual Shock 3. The console is indeed a breakthrough for Sony as it has offered more computing power and it was 2013.

Now that the PS4 Pro will be out, I thought of listing some pet peeves about its predecessor in a hope (I know I'll just get disappointed again) that the mid-generation release will fix most, if not all, the disappointments we have with the current PS4. With the help of Cheat Sheet's post, I have verified that it's not just me who is not happy about some drawbacks the console has. It is important to note that I wrote this not to let down the PS4 or Sony in general; I wish to make this article a sort of 'gap analysis' on what the console is currently offering versus what consumers want. Let's not make this article too long so let's get right into the list, shall we?

My Thumbs Would Still Collide With The Dual Shock 4

Yes, I know I am somewhat happy about the left and right sticks being far away as compared to the PS3's controller. I even used the expression to open the article above. But the fact that my thumbs would still collide, especially when I am required to push the sticks towards each other, bothers me a lot. I don't know if I just have long thumbs, I'm just 5' 7", but these thumbs do touch each other observed at 25% per gameplay. Though, there are solutions like purchasing a 3rd party controller that mimic's the Xbox's left and right stick locations but I prefer to use the official controller, that's me.

Backwards Compatibility Still Discontinued

The original PS3 could play PS2 games but it was discontinued when newer PS3 models came out due to undisclosed reasons. I was really hoping to insert a PS3 disc to the PS4 before I got it but unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The only way to play PS3 games on the PS4 is via Playstation Now which requires payment and is an issue for people who do not have excellent internet connection. The disappointment continues when Microsoft announced that they still can use most of their good old 360 discs on the Xbox One.

The PS4 Pro

I would not mind upgrading my PS4 with the Pro but some current PS4 owners are insulted by the fact that they already spent much on the current console then here comes a mini upgrade that requires to spend more, I call it 'mini' since it is not considered as a next generation console. Personally, it's like upgrading your gaming PC, only way cheaper so I don't see it as an insult. My disappointment comes in when Sony decides to still use the same controller for this version. My thumbs would still collide, wow.

Bad Wifi

I am still hoping that the PS4 Pro would address this issue. The PS4 is known for its not so good Wifi connectivity. This is why I use a LAN cable to connect the console to the internet. I did make a comparison on both wireless and wired connections. I found out that on a 100mbps subscription, the wired connection has a speed test result of 60 mbps while the wireless connection just got 12mbps, that's a huge difference.

Bad Camera Audio Receiver

I have this PlayStation camera that is pretty handy for logging in or giving out voice commands. Bad thing is that the receiver doesn't quite have a 'good ear'. There are times when I said out loud stuff that would sound like 'Playstation', i.e. 'infestation', the voice command UI would activate. Also when the background noise is a bit loud, the camera won't listen to you anymore.

PlayStation Network

There are times that the PSN would not work properly, the very same fact that made it infamous. 'PSN down', yes this search term is very famous over the internet. I can't login to the store and browse for new games, I get kicked out of games even though I have a fast connection and very low ping, I sometimes can't even watch YouTube or Netflix. From time to time, I also lose some information that ultimately comes back like conversations or download history data. I confirmed this issue with the PSN as I wrote something about Microsoft's study about its online service being superb over Sony's. If there's one thing that PSN is good at, it's match-making, no problems on this area.

Disappointing games that came and didn't come out

PT / Silent Hills were so overhyped that everyone was really expecting for it to come out. It even had a demo for everyone to try. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to reasons consumers like us wouldn't want to listen to anymore. On top of that there are games that came out but went short when it comes to expectations. See the video below for these games:


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