7 Best Survival Games That Will Make You Hold On For Dear Life

Survival games are a genre for the gamer who also loves the outdoors. It's ironic to explore the wonders of nature but yet you prefer to sit on your comfortable game room instead of going out. But hey, some of these games simulate outside world danger that you'll be thanking it when the learnings are applied in real life.

Today, we grab some games for you to try out before actually going into the wild. Frag Hero is kind enough to post a list of ideas and we narrowed it down to 7 for you. We know you are curious to go out but try these and probably learn something.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

This odd stealth-survival game pre-occupied with English humor has you sneaking around or fighting against a lot of robot enemies in order to escape from an island you found yourself into and you don't know how or why. You are required to pull off stealth, tricks, and ultimately as you will need to scavenge and explore each levels. Good news is, you can survive together with a pal via multiplayer.


Yes, we know this is a 'lego-like' game where you build stuff but did you know that come night time, you will be facing not just the darkness but several night monsters as well? This is why during your first day, we recommend building something that will aide you thru the night.

The Long Dark

This game will have you explore a range of frozen barren that, of course, poses all sorts of dangers. Mother nature may seem caring but out here, she's a lot harsh. The story is often updated so you do not get to be bored with just one setting.

Ark Survival Evolved

You need to ally with people, even if you don't like them, to mainly hunt for dinosaurs. Not just for food but for transportation. Paired with gorgeous graphics, the game is simply amazing. It also has constant updates. One downside though is the price but if it's that good then it's worth the buck.


Imagine this, your plane crashed into the Bermuda triangle and you start your quest for survival. Except that for this game, it happens in an interstellar level so practically it's like terraforming slash survival. This game too has constant updates so don't mind the cost to get this. It's a good game.

Stranded Deep

A well-polished game that gives incentives the more you explore. Sharks are a main concern but you don't know what mother nature has to offer you being Stranded Deep. You start off with nothing, so with that in mind, good luck to you.

Don't Starve

A good survival game that does not require modern 3D graphics to keep you playing. With just 2D and cartoonish assets, the game keeps you up for hours and hours. The goal is simple, just Don't Starve and carry on. The game also features 'Don't Starve Together' for you and your friends to survive together. And to wrap this up is a trailer for the game below.


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