Top 5 Creepiest Halloween Costumes Inspired From Video Games

Cosplay in Japan
At the Nippombashi Street Festa 2014, in Osaka.

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Halloween is just right around the corner and people have been preparing their costumes to celebrate. We've compiled a list of the creepiest halloween costumes inspired from Video Games that are sure to scare the living heck out of anyone whether they're gamers or not. Some of these are doable on a budget and others may require a bit of commitment. Either way, we know you'll be interested to see them.

The Gatherers - Amnesia The Dark Descent. Considered as one of the most terrifying games ever, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is scary and all credit goes to its terrifyingly gruesome monster - The Gatherers. If you go to a halloween party as one, you're sure to induce a more than a few head turns and trigger a couple of dry-heaves. They are Alexander of Brennenburg's servants and may have caused you to scream in terror if you played the game.

Nurse - Silent Hill. An enemy that might have caused more than a few hair-raising moments and some weird boners. The Silent Hill nurse might be one of the most weirdly sexualized terrifying enemies that the game offers and made you feel guilty about it. If you're a girl on a budget, this is definitely one of the costumes you can do and it's doable as a DIY project. Add in the creepy twitches and the awkward walk and you'll sure to scare a more than a few innocent souls.

Pyramid Head - Silent Hill. No other horror game psychopath is as iconic as Pyramid Head. He's unique as he is teriffying from the dragging slouch that signifies that is one mean heavy sword, to the mystery of what he looks like underneath that heavy Pyramid mask. (Please don't mention the movie) Whether or not he looks like Ryan Reynolds or Wade Wilson's grafted piece of skin and trampled over by a horde of sexy nurses - it doesn't matter because he's one mean scaring machine.

Beatrix Russel - Fallout. Beatrix Russel is as sexy as she is hideous. That's because she is a ghoul. With the dark gothic getup and bondage chains all over he body, I say she might be into some kinky stuff. If you do decide to wear her rotting flesh and decaying appearance, I suggest you bring barf bags with you in case anyone from your friends and family need it.

Lisa - P.T. The Playable Teaser of the Silent Hills game has always been a crying shame for me. Although the teaser is a hard game to play - the scares more than made up for it. Of course the main attraction of the teaser was Lisa, with her weird crying noises and phasing twitches, you must be so badass if you weren't scared of her. Whether Lisa is also part of the main game Silent Hills, we may never know. One thing's for sure though - if you want to keep the budget low and the scares high - Lisa is the way to go.

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