Pokemon GO APK 0.41.2 Update: How To Install APK, Features Include Catch Bonus, Updated Gym Training

Pokemon GO APK 0.41.2 for Android is ready for download. The latest Niantic APK includes various features such as the Catch Bonus and updated Gym Training system.

Pokemon GO APK 0.41.2 Details

The Pokemon GO APK 0.41.0 contains various patches improvements and even new features for the game, according to Niantic. As of now, the use of APK does not violate Niantic's term of agreement and does not penalize users with a ban from Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO APK 0.41.2 - How To Install

The Pokemon GO APK 0.41.2 is for Android users only. iOS users should download the 1.11.2 iOS version if its available. First, go to Settings then click Applications or any similar description.

Look for option - "Unknown sources" then enable it. Visit the APK website and download the APK 0.41.2 file from there. Afterwards, open file and install it. After a successful installation, Pokemon GO players can use it by simply logging to their Pokemon GO Trainers Club (PTC) or Google account.

Pokemon GO APK 0.41.2 Updates and Features

Niantic posted some of the updates and features Pokemon GO players can expect from the 041.2 Android and 1.11.2 iOS version.

Catch Bonus are now given to Pokemon GO players who collect a specific Pokemon more often than the other types. Trainers can bring in a maximum of six Pokemon in friendly gym battles. The CP of the opposing Pokemon can be lowered albeit temporarily to allow the friendly match.

The Egg and Incubator will update the distance from time to time and will no longer require the Trainer to manually check it. Some audio problems have been fixed. The evolution animation has been cut short and several minor fixes have been implemented.

All these updates are surely appreciated by Pokemon GO players. If Niantic can only improve the in-game tracker then that would be quite awesome.

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