Destiny: Rise of Iron Tips: How To Quickly Level Up To Light 385

Destiny players are scrambling to reach level 385 on or before October 18. Fortunately, there are a few quicker ways available to reach this particular light level.

Destiny: Drops From Wrath of the Machine Raid

This is probably the best way to collect level 385 gears and weapons. Unfortunately, players are allowed to participate only once a week. Players will need a reliable team tough enough to defeat the Aksis Boss.

Destiny: Drops From Iron Banner

The second place to level up to light 385 is the Iron Banner. Destiny players can participate in this monthly event and get two different types of weapons and gears. Iron Banner participants can get promoted above light 365 in no time.

Destiny: Collect Those Exotic Engrams

If the engrams become blue, yellow or purple, players have an exotic in their hands. These items will surely scale above light 365. Patience however, is required especially if the player's light level is lower than some of his gear or weapon. Make sure all the gears are of the same light level before using an exotic engram as a primary weapon.

Destiny: Collect Skeleton Keys To Open Strike Chests

Skeleton Keys can open chests that can yield light level 385 items or possibly higher. Destiny players can even focus on opening strike chests that can hopefully yield a needed item. The chests may not give the specific items but the loots are quite valuable and even artifacts can be collected.

Destiny: Collect Items From Crucible Drops

Crucible Drops are good sources for weapons and gears that could scale up beyond the 360 light levels. Players can enter Crucible anytime they want.

Destiny: Collect Items From Faction Package

A destiny player who ranks up a faction is awarded with a package. This is a sure way to get weapons and gears capable of scaling above level 365. However, the items given are quite random at best, according to gamerant.

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