'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5 Production Already Started; Series To Answer Cliffhangers From S4

"Orange is the New Black" season five is a few months away and yet fans are now already relieved to know that production has already started. The upcoming season has also been speculated to answer the cliffhanger brought about by the last season.

"Orange Is The New Black" Season 5 Production Has Already Begun

There have been many questions left unanswered during the season four finale of "Orange is the New Black." Now that production for the upcoming season five has already been confirmed to have begun, the fans of the series are already excited about what the new season has in store for them. The conclusion to Daya about to shoot Humphrey will be tackled in the next season.

According to actress Dascha Polanco who portrays the role of Daya, she believes that the postpartum depression her character is going through could cause her to pull the trigger. Nevertheless, the answer to that shall be known when "Orange is the New Black" returns for season five. Other than Daya coming to shoot Humphrey, one of the greatest cliffhangers was also the murder of Poussey.

There have been reports that Judy (Blair Brown) may investigate the murder of Poussey when "Orange is the New Black" premieres its season five. Her death has been one of the saddest moments that have occurred during the series, and it will surely affect the characters' lives in the show. Thus, this will result to Judy to take vengeance on her death.

Will Season 5 Of "Orange Is The New Black" The Last One For The Series?

After the death of Poussey during the season four finale, there have been reports claiming that season five of "Orange is the New Black" may already be the last season of the series. Although it may not be the ultimate cause, it has been speculated that it was a sign. However, the producers of the show have remained mum on the issue and decided not to tell anyone whether or not the upcoming season will already be their last.

"Orange is the New Black" season five is set to be released on June 2017.

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