'Suits' Season 6 News And Updates: Main Character To Leave The Show; Will It Be Mike Or Harvey?

"Suits" season six release date has not yet been confirmed, and there have been speculations that a major character could leave the show when the upcoming season comes. Could it be Mike or Harvey?

Mike And Rachel To Tie The Knot In Upcoming "Suits" Season 6

Even though the release date for "Suits" season six hasn't been confirmed yet, there have been hints given out that has led to the assumption that it may premiere in January 2017. Aside from its release date, the stories to be tackled in the upcoming season have also been talked about by the fans. For one, it has been assumed that Rachel (Meghan Markle) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) will finally tie the knot.

The couple has been in love with each other all throughout the entire season and the fans are excited to see them take the next step in their relationship. Despite Mike's arrest last season, Rachel has stayed by his side. Some reports have also claimed that Rachel may be pregnant when "Suits" returns for season six after sharing an intimate moment with Mike.

Will Gabriel Macht, Playing The Role Of Harvey, Leave "Suits" In Upcoming Season?

Despite the happy news that will befall upon Mike and Rachel, it may not look good for the firm. Jessica (Gina Torres) is already set to leave the show in the upcoming season. Thus, it will be taken over by Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Louis (Rick Hoffman). However, there have been reports claiming that Macht will also leave the show in the upcoming season.

There still hasn't been any official confirmation on Macht leaving the series, but the speculations have worried the fans. He and Mike have made such a great tandem and brotherhood in "Suits" that breaking them apart could lead to unfortunate events. Nevertheless, it is still safe to say that it's not true for as long as it hasn't been confirmed yet.

Mike will reportedly go to law school when "Suits" returns for season six when he gets out of prison to become a real lawyer. He may already be putting himself on the right track now that he and Rachel will be starting a family soon.

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