‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 62, 63 Spoilers: Future Still Same Even After Defeating Zamasu; Future Trunks To Lose Battle?

New plot leaks came out for the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 62 and 63. Fans are looking forward to the revelation of Black Goku's true identity and a lot more twists in the next few episodes. With the recent plot details getting leaked out to the public, DBS fans are surely more excited than ever.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 62 Spoilers

The episode titled "I'll Protect the World! Trunk's Angry Super Power Explosion!" is expected to show how little to no effect the defeat of present day Zamasu is in the future. They will have to return to the future and battle with the future Zamasu and Black Goku but the two will be too strong for Son Goku and the rest of his gang.

Future Trunks will be blamed for their predicament but despite this, he will fight with Zamasu and Black to let Son Goku and the rest of their team escape back to the present day. Vegeta mentioned that it will be impossible to beat future Zamasu and Black but Piccolo then revealed that there is actually something that Vegeta can do to beat them.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 63 Spoilers

The episode is said to start with Future Trunks losing and getting badly beaten up by Zamasu and Black Goku. Just as he was about to get killed, Son Goku and Vegeta returned to help him. Piccolo had revealed to them that they can beat Zamasu and Black Goku using the Mafuba technique. The two are expected to try it in the hopes of finally beating Zamasu and Black Goku.

It surely looks like another exciting episode of the beloved animated series. Luckily, fans will not have to wait too long as "Dragon Ball Super" episode 62 will air on October 16 while episode 63 titled "Don't Defile Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta's Intense Battle!"is set to air on October 23.

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