'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 61 Spoilers: Black And Goku Are Twins? Black And Zamasu Clones Summoned From Different Timelines?

Following the big revelation of Black Goku’s true identity last week, “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 61 promises fans a more exciting storyline. With new spoilers coming out as the air date draws near, fans can get a gist of what to expect next.

To recall, “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 60 revealed that Black is actually Zamasu in Goku form. This has been possible due to the powerful Super Dragon Balls. It has also been revealed that the evil duo plans to exterminate humanity and take down Goku.

As for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 61, rumors claim that it will further reveal that Black and Goku are actually twin brothers separated at birth and raised differently. Apparently, Black grew up together with Zamasu, thus having the same Ki.

With Zamasu and Black’s equally strong Kis, Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks will find it very challenging to defeat the duo. However, the preview for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 61 reveals that Goku won’t give up easily, saying, "Hey, this is Goku! Damn Zamasu and Black! Looks like their techniques are way more powerful when they join forces. Still, I won't rest until I have taken them down. Vegeta, Trunks, give it all you've got!"

Meanwhile, other theories suggest that since Black has control over time, he might summon his and Zamasu’s clones from various timelines to join forces with them against Goku and the gang. Also anticipated in the upcoming episode is the alleged transformation of Vegeta to Super Saiyan White which is a level higher than Goku. With that kind of transformation, can Vegeta finally defeat the evil Goku?

However, there has been no confirmation regarding these speculations yet. It’s still best to wait and see how everything unfolds when the next episode comes out. “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 61 will sure to have another thrilling story for its fans when it airs on Sunday, Oct. 9.

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