iPhone Latest News and Specs: Apple's Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor Receives Patent

A month after the release of the iPhone 7, Apple fans are already getting excited about the iPhone 8 and its rumored Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor, a new spec that recently received a patent.

Reports that the home button will bid us goodbye  are slowly gaining steam especially after reports that an Apple employee based in its Israel offices divulged some vague references on how completely different the new iPhone would look from its predecessors. This led some to believe that the employee who works in the soldering department, is supposedly describing the home button-less front of the device.

The fact that the company was awarded a patent for their Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor is a step towards the alleged disappearance of the home button. This new spec allows the device to gather precise readings with the help of an electrostatic lens which is found under the screen. In other words, fingerprint scanning through the touch screen is possible.

This will change the look of the iPhone drastically as the iconic home button will be disregarded. This means the new iPhone will only have its screen up front. Speaking of, another rumor that is making the rounds is that the OLED screen would be used instead of the LCD screen. The flexible OLED could stretch across the face of the iPhone. Another possible change concerns the iPhone's charger. It has been speculated for some time that Apple will finally utilize wireless charging.

Apple is not shy about pulling the trigger regarding drastic changes to their products. They have already gotten rid of the traditional 3.5mm audio jack in favour of their ear pods.

The release date for the iPhone 8 is yet to be announced but tradition dictates it will be sometime September next year which will coincide with the iPhone's 10th year anniversary.

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