5 Ultra Violent Games That You Will Never Get Your Hands On

Violence is not alien to video games that's why there is a censorship board that rates games and decides whether they are fit for release or not. Surprisingly, there are video games that are too violent and their stories simply sick that it did not even make it beyond censorship. However, they might still be found in underground markets if players search hard enough.


It is still a big question what the reason or goal of the developers to ever create this game. Not only is the title sick but even the storyline and goal of the game is just as sick and twisted. Developed by the Japanese studio Illusion in 2006, the player takes the role of a sexual predator whose aim is to stalk and rape a mother and her two daughters. Reading the description is very revolting and thankfully, the game was banned in most countries.

Custer's Revenge

Developed by Mystique, which also developed Canoga Park, Custer's Revenge was released on the Atari 2600 in 1982. The game is the porn version of the historical event where General Custer is represented as a horny soldier who had to face the natives and duck their attack just to pork a Native American Indian woman tied to a pole. Add to that the fact that while the fictional general was fending off natives, he has a big boner to protect as well. When the game was released, man feminist protested against it saying it encourages rape. To heed the call, a lot of states and cities issued a ban on the sale of the game.

Postal 2

Some games, no matter how violent they are, have somehow got an objective or explanation. Postal 2 is as sick as sick can get as it tells the story of a certain guy who went shopping but suddenly, without any warning, had an urge to just go on a homicidal rage. New Zealand has issued a strict warning against the game labeling it as homophobic, racist, and violent among other things. They even issued a penalty of $1400 to anyone who gets caught owning a copy of the game.


Developed by Rockstar, it is no surprise to see this game got banned considering the violence seen in GTA. But it seems this one beat GTA because it never went past the censors. It tells the story of an English schoolboy who tries to survive the social structure of a local boarding school. It was banned, for the reason that the game occurring at school encourages bullying which is potentially harmful for students.

EA Sports MMA

It's MMA and many people are huge fans of UFC so why would this game be banned, right? The reason for the ban is not really about the violent content of the game but simply because EA did not even bother to get a UFC license before releasing the game. Despite having legendary names in the game, EA had to pull it out because of poor sales.

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