Overwatch Updates, News, Latest Patch, More Than 20 Million Players Registered

Blizzard struck gold with Overwatch as they received another milestone with more than 20 million players account registered.

The hero-based shooter have been receiving constant praise from respected sites averaging a whooping 9.5/10 rating. The game is almost perfect and sometimes it is to good to be true as players commented. Ever since its released last May 24th this year, it seems that there is no stopping this massive game.

What's with Blizzard's Overwatch? Why is it suddenly so popular? To tell you honestly there's nothing special with the game, it is just oozing with fun gameplay. The game works with two teams consisting of six players. Each player must select their preferred character or hero. There are classes of heroes to choose from namely, Offense, Defense, Tank and Support.

Players on each team like any other game should work together. They have to defend and secure control points on a map at any given cost. They even have to assist a payload across the map in the fastest time possible. Although there's a reward called cosmetic reward, it doesn't really affect your gameplay. Cosmetic reward will just allow you to choose your character skin and victory poses that best suits your character.

Now with the latest patch. As Blizzard mentioned before, all updates or patch from Overwatch will remain free. The newest update will let you upgrade your skin type, costumes, fix bugs and issues such as the lagging issues in competitive mode. Let us check the details one by one.

Halloween season is already approaching and halloween has come early to Overwatch. With the new update, players now have ample of choices when it comes to costume change. From spooky scary and outrageous poses, to normal character costumes, the new patch has it all. The competitive mode is already fixed, meaning, any player who got disconnected at some point, can rejoin the game. However, a player who was disconnected for two minutes will also record a loss.

If you are still not amazed with Overwatch, watch the video below. Go ahead and check for yourself why more than 20 million players are into this game.

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