Greenkins And Dwarfs Shows Up After DLC Total War: WarHammer’s Updated Patch

Cracking some mines of the Grim & Grave DLC, the second Lords pack for Total War: Warhammer brings two new mythical lords for the Dwarfs and The Greenskins.

Here's what else comes in the rather sizable The King & The Warlord DLC:

  • Two new Legendary Lords
  • New quest chains, magic items, starting locations
  • Two new additional Lord types, Runelords and Night Goblin Warboss
  • Six all-new battlefield units
  • 22 all-new elite Regiments of Renown

The colony of Karak Eight Peaks has a singular building chain depending on which one of these two leagues to control it. Benefits range from stat rewards while under siege to enclosed camp military units in nearby domains.

Total War: Warhammer's first 'Lords' pack supported both the Empire and the Vampire Lords with a couple of new champions-the Empire's Volkmar the Grim, and the Vampire Counts' Helman Ghorst-while the second will do the same for the Greenkins and the Dwarfs.

The King & The Warlord, declared below in a new trailer, will initiate Greenskins Legendary Lord Skarsnik, and the Dwarfs' Belegar Iron hammer, along with new mobilize units, maps, quest chains and other side track quest.

The new dwarven lord arises in the form of noble Belagar Iron hammer, ancestral beneficiary of the Karak Eight Peaks and true king. Warlord of The Eight Peaks Skarsnik will be the Chief of the Crooked Moon Tribe of Greenskins to WAAAAARRGH. Mythical-lore of the two have been in combat for each dominion for the Eight Peaks for a good long while.

The add-on is thoroughyl detailed over on its Steam store page, but know that it contains Dwarfen Runelords, Night Goblin Warbosses, cute little Squigs, Dwarf Rangers and a few other units. It's out on October 20, and it'll set you back £5.99/$7.99.

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