PS4 Pro Pushes Console Game Developers To Think More Of Themselves Like 'PC Game Developers'

The PS4 Pro - Changing the Console Market - Extra Credits
The PS4 Pro - Changing the Console Market - Extra Credits Photo : YouTube / Extra Credits

About a month ago, I got shocked with the news that Sony will release a new console along with the PS4 Slim. I checked the year, and it has just been 3 years when Sony released its 'next gen' console. Later on, I found out that it's a 'mid-gen' console, meaning, it isn't considered to be the next generation for the PlayStation. The announced PS4 Pro has lots of features as well as some physical changes in its circuitry in an attempt to boost up the original PS4's performance. This could mean that some adjustments on how games are developed are now being planned out to be executed when they get their hands on the hardware. This also could mean I have to save some money to get my hands on the latest hardware and experience whatever it is it could offer.

Game development companies are now looking forward to cast their skills and creativity for the PS4 Pro. A new video, posted below this article, from Extra Credits suggests that PS4 Pro development would lean towards the likeness of PC game development, Gamasutra reports. Learning from this, I also have realized that Sony wasn't kidding around when they announced that the PS4 Pro will compete with the PC and not its current rival consoles. So judging by these statements, it is most possible that the development would indeed steer towards how PC games are created.

Why would console developers adapt to PC game development?

Why, you ask? This is because the upgrades may not only require developers to make games with the PS4 Pro's power in mind but they also make sure that they can scale down features like lighting and graphics qualities to make upcoming games playable on the less powerful systems, currently the PS4 and PS4 slim. For readers who do not have background on game development, check out PC games with different graphic quality settings, going forward PS4 Pro developers need to put concept into their games. With that in mind, it is also possible for the console's game developers to ditch the old system and create a PS4 Pro only game, which may be bad for Sony's PR.

PC upgrades are more frequent than console upgrades so my thinking would be that Sony would also increase its frequency of hardware updates if they are serious about competing with PC. This is bad news for the console gamer's pocket, well, for most of us at least. I also am thinking that the company might adapt to modular upgrades, much like the PC, where you only need to upgrade the video card or add some RAM - just some wild thought I had this morning that may or may not materialize, but who knows, right?

Sony, on the other hand, is persistent that the original PS4 will not be completely pushed out of the gaming scene in the upcoming years. There is a mandate that any game released for the PS4 generation should also work on all stages of the system. However, those who run on later systems, currently the PS4 Pro, will have smoother graphic experience, which means the older ones would get some cut downs. Much like owning a low level gaming PC compared to owning a high end gaming rig. Thus, the title of this article came to be.

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