It Took 100 People To Stop A Jumbo Jet In GTA V

GTA V is currently the hottest game to incorporate mods to. The fact that it's set in modern times makes it more exciting to simulate on how people would react when a certain mod is activated. There are already tons of mods for the game and modders are still on a quest to create more.

One example today is RZED's experiment on how many people would it take to stop a Boeing 747 on the runway. This experiment sounds much more explosive compared to the Galaxy Note 7 mod that was used as a sticky bomb instead of a phone. The video below this article shows various setups for the experiment officially titled "Can 100+ People Stop A Plane?"

As you can observe, the first setup uses 25 people to stop a plane from running midway after landing, it failed. Attempt 2 lines up 50 people, but it still failed. After this, RZED decided to turn up the notch by gathering a hundred people, probably more into the runway in a hope to finally stop the plane. Surprisingly, the plane stopped as if it hit a concrete wall, tearing apart its wings and other extremities, leaving the fuselage intact.

The experiment was a success! It took a hundred or so people to stop the giant jumbo jet. A few people on the frontline also got knocked down but don't worry, no actual human beings were harmed during the making of this experiment. The remaining seconds of the game, however, is not for the faint-hearted. After a few seconds of celebration, RZED decided to eliminate the people participating in the experiment with various weapons. After the killing-spree, RZED thanked everyone for sparing their precious 3 minutes or so watching the video.

Wouldn't the jet fuel from the plane burn everyone?

No, unfortunately for this mod, jet fuel wasn't simulated, so practically the jumbo jet was like a giant paper plane crashing into people. So in a sense, it is plausible for 100 people to stop a giant paper plane. While waiting for GTA 6, why not have fun in GTA V?

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