GTA V News: Lindsay Lohan's Lawsuit Dismissed

The lawsuits filed by Lindsay Lohan and Karen Gravano versus Grand Theft Auto V and its developer Rockstar Games has been dismissed by a 5-judge-panel in New York State.

Lohan filed a lawsuit against GTA V and Rockstar games back in 2014 which alleges the game using her image, and likeness, without her consent. The alleged materials were both used in the game as well as promotions. Now, the lawsuit was tossed out by 5 judges deciding that it has no merit.

Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto V claimed that the scandalous character Lacey Jonas was based on her. She also pointed to the blonde woman in the red bikini making a "peace" sign in Grand Theft Auto V's promotional material as ripping off a photo of Lindsay with a similar pose and attire.

Mob Wives' Karen Gravano also filed a case against GTA V for the very same reason. This also received the very same judgment today -- dismissed. As stated above, GTA V and Rockstar allegedly 'stole her likeness' via the character Andrea Bottino. Gravano also claimed that her life events were also portrayed in the game without her permission.



 Plain and simple reason

The judges ultimately ruled that the lawsuits filed by both Lohan and Gravano were of no merit because, logically, Grand Theft Auto V is satirical and a work of fiction - which is covered under first amendment's protection.

The crew at Rockstar Games are glad to get rid of the 2 legal issues that have been a nuissance to the company for the last 2 years but it does not end here. Rockstar is currently handling a lawsuit from a former employee, Leslie Benzies, who was instrumental in the development of some of the biggest game titles. Benzies is suing Rockstar for $150 million but at least starting today, they can focus more on this case with 2 lawsuits out in the dumpster.

The risks of being sued everyday is part of Rockstar's day in the office as it comes with publishing controversy and satirical games. All they need to do is sell as much as they can so that they can keep their hardened lawyers.

Grand Theft Auto V is available for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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