Mafia 3 Side Quest Raises Scandal, Sales Demanded To Be Withdrawn

The hottest action-adventure video game, Mafia 3, has seen numerous controversies both prior and days of its release. A day before its official launching, 2K Games' Mafia 3 was plagued with controversy regarding its PC version specifically limiting the FPS cap to 30 which resulted in a lot of frustration for the PC fans. This was then quickly mitigated by 2K upon its quick update; removing the FPS cap and providing unlimited FPS option.

For a brief moment, everything is going well for Mafia 3 until today, when unionists within Northern Ireland demanded for the utter withdrawal of the game's sale within the area.

The Root Cause of the Mafia 3 Controversy

The main reason behind the controversy is Mafia 3 game's side mission called "I.R.A Don't Ask," where an Irish mob leader with supposed connections to the IRA directs the player to steal three of a certain type of a car for the benefit of the terrorist organization. What sparks the outrage comes after a certain line within the quest that states: "keep the Belfast law guessing when things go - BOOM!" also, after the successful completion of the quest, the player (you) are then told by the Irish mob that "the brothers back in Belfast really appreciate your help."

According to a report from Irish News, the unionists claimed that the Mafia 3 side quest promotes the IRA's terrorist campaigns and acts of violence which is a definitive reason to halt and completely withdraw the game's sale and supply in the area.

Is It Reasonable?

Mafia 3 withdrawal may sound ridiculous to many but for those that have suffered from numerous attacks of violence, rekindling the embers of a dismal memory is enough to assert such notion. Despite the fact that this issue isn't new in the gaming world, this case must not be shrugged off so lightly as it just highlighted for the need of a little sensitivity from the part of gaming developers.

Until today, 2K Games has yet to make an official statement regarding the Mafia 3 issue. For the meantime, what do you think about the controversy? Do you think that the game's sale withdrawal must be imposed? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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