'Arrow' Season 5 News And Updates: Prometheus Strongest Villain In The Series? Will Oliver Kill Again This Time?

There is a lot in store for the on-going "Arrow" season five and executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals gushy details about Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his ability to kill this season.

After Killing Damien Darhk In Season 4 Finale, Will Oliver Kill Again In This Season Of "Arrow?"

It can be recalled that during the first season of "Arrow," Olive was hell-bent on killing everyone from the list that his father gave him. After spending five years on the island, making his way to survive, he definitely had a lot of blood in his hands. However, he's had a change of heart during the three succeeding seasons after his best friend, Tommy was killed during the season one finale.

After three years of trying his best not to kill anyone, he finally did during the season four finale when he killed the major villain in the series, Damien Darhk. Thus, executive producer Guggenheim revealed that they may play along with the darker side of Oliver once more in the upcoming season. Although he will be seen trying his best to put off the side of him that wants to kill, he may have another encounter that will prompt him to do so.

He has been trying to balance his killer instincts in the new season and even though it is going to be a struggle, he will try to find a way through it. The ultimate villain of the season that was from Oliver's past was finally introduced during the premiere, Prometheus. More of him and his former encounter with the "Arrow" will be tackled as the season progresses.

Rick Gonzalez Talks About Playing Wild Dog In "Arrow" Season 5

The season five of "Arrow" will also adjust in reference to the Flashpoint universe created in "The Flash" although there won't be any drastic change. One of which is the fact that John Diggle's child is a boy, as opposed to the previous seasons when it was a girl. One of the new members in team "Arrow" was also interviewed about joining the cast, Rick Gonzalez who plays Wild Dog.

According to the actor, when he found out he has been cast as Wild Dog after his audition, he couldn't hold his excitement to play the role. As a child, he has been a fan of comic books and portraying one of those characters he has read about is definitely something that entices him. He also admits to the greatness of working with Stephen Amell who has played "Arrow" very well.

"Arrow" season five airs every Wednesday night on CW.

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