'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers, News And Update: Someone Dies In The Premiere Episode? Is Negan The Killer?

During the New York Comic-Con, the cast and producers of "The Walking Dead" shared a teaser trailer of what audience can anticipate in the premiere episode of the series.

The trailer implies Negan just killed someone that makes Rick Grimes very angry and threatens to kill him one day. Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, whispers to Negan "I will kill you. Not today. Not tomorrow. But I'm going to kill you." Later on Negan mocks Rick by introducing him his right-hand man and asks if he has one too or was it the one that he just killed.

The trailer brings the fans to a the conclusion that it's either Maggie, played by Lauren Cohan, or Abraham, played by Michael Cudlitz, that Negan has killed. However, if it was Maggie, fans speculate that there should be more blood on the face of Rick and they don't think the producers would go as far as killing a woman pregnant on screen. Abe is more likely to be the one killed but when speaking of Rick's right-hand man, it's probably Glenn, played by Steven Yeun, or Michonne, played by Danai Gurira.

If the series will follow the story from the comic book, Glenn could be the man Negan kills. The line "Was the joke that bad?" was reported to be taken from the comic book which was from the scene when Negan kills Glenn. If this happens, there is also a chance Rick's hands being chopped off by Negan. Although this was done by the Governor in the comic book, it never happened so that could happen now instead.

"The Walking Dead' director, Greg Nicotero, reveals that season 7 has more terrifying events compared to the one shown in the trailer. This includes the danger that Negan brings and possibly Rick's hand being chopped off.

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