Pokemon Go News: Level 40 Trainers Banned From Gyms

Three months after Pokemon Go was released, mobile gamers seem to have achieved a great number of things. First, catching Pokemon in the wild may look weird in public as you try to capture Pidgey sitting on someone's plate, which means you have clearly reach a whole new level of eccentricity. Second, you have constantly visited gyms more than actual gym goers but of course, the gyms we are referring to are Pokemon Go gyms. Next, you have probably achieved 50 or more medals and achievements in less than three months compared to what you have actually won in real life. Anyway, whatever other people say, Pokemon Go players are one-of-a kind. And by now, you must have already reached something to brag about - level 40.

Pokemon Go Level 40 Players Banned From Gyms?

If you are indeed part of the elite group of Pokemon Go players who have reached level 40, chances are, you may also have experienced getting banned from gyms. According to reports, the bizarre part is that other top players have also been through this glitch.

One Pokemon Go glitch experienced by jdero and a European player reported this incident, along with two other level 40 players. They have tried logging in different devices and even different service providers but still the issue persists. When they reported the Pokemon Go gym bug to Niantic, they said that Niantic will not deal with any more customer support issues in a nutshell.

Pokemon Go Gym Glitch

The new Pokemon Go gym glitch is said to be a programming issue that will soon be addressed as it isn't logical to ban players in top levels from gyms. In fact, top-level players have more advantages since CP leveling will only increase approximately 15% for levels between 30 to 40.

For now, Pokemon Go players who are about to achieve level 40 were cautioned until the glitch will be addressed. As we remembered, the Grimer bug lasted for a month so who knows how long this issue will be fixed.

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