Pokemon Go Guide: What You Need To Know About The Latest Gym Update

Pokemon Go players are in for good news! Niantic has just released another game update (Oct.10) that is sure to keep things far more interesting.

Though the new Pokemon Go update may still not have the addition of second generation Pokemon or trading system, there are still a few added features that will keep players getting hooked with the hit augmented-reality game.

New Pokemon Go Update Details

The new Pokemon Go update includes catch bonus (players get to earn a catch bonus for a Pokemon type once they catch more of that specific type), egg and incubator screens will periodically update the distance the player has walked without having to reopen the screen, decreased in animation time for Pokemon evolving (hurray!), and updated gym training (players can now bring in six Pokemon to battle at gyms and the Pokemon CP you are battling may also be temporarily adjusted lower while you are in training session).

Pokemon Go Gym Battle

While not many Pokemon Go trainers may know about the recent update yet so it's definitely time to test this strategy! As mentioned, the updated gym system can allow players of all levels to join in and maybe add prestige to the gym per battle however, this can be difficult for the high-level players. For those gym fighters (they are those standing in one spot for hours, tapping their phone screens incessantly), they get more prestige after defeating a defender with a lower CP up to a 1000 per Pokemon. But with the new update, it takes the average CP of your Pokemon lineup to calculate the prestige you add. This means...

Pokemon Go Gym Battle Adjustments

To level up fast in Pokemon Go, the player can take out the first opponent and run! No kidding, this is considered to be the most effective way to leveling up fast. So for example, if you defeat a 32CP Magikarp with a 16CP Weedle, run like hell after that! Boom, 1000 prestige. Heal up then go back in again.

However, after the latest Pokemon Go update, you will need to select 5 more 10CP Pokemon before the battle starts, though this will still get you high prestige, it will take more time if you're doing multiple fights.

For those Pokemon Go players with hard-hitting Pokemon with insane levels, taking every Pokemon out is not uncommon. But since the gym update adjusts the defenders levels, this relates to how much prestige a trainer can get.

Reddit User vlfph gave us pretty clear examples on calculating Pokemon Go prestige. The old formula for prestige gain is still followed so he tested:Recommended team is [1705+2077+2048+1945+1924+1906] vs 1917 then run - 232 prestige (2077 vs 1917). Do check more of his recommendations for more ways to battle.

To summarize, the Pokemon Go player's likelihood to win in battle is calculated by the average of his 6 Pokemon defenders. Using a lower CP Pokemon is still possible but then you will need to choose lower CP backup Pokemon in your lineup even if they don't get to fight.

Fighting one Pokemon in the Pokemon Go gym and running like you're chased by the mighty Snorlax is still doable but then fighting off everyone in the gym is now possible and will earn you better bragging rights.

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