'Destiny: Rise Of Iron' Players Still Haunted By Common Bugs Despite Receiving Latest Update From Bungie

Following Bungie's latest release of the patch for "Destiny: Rise of Iron" last Oct. 6, many players have turned to the developer's official forum page to vent out their clamor about existing bugs that have not been fixed by the said update. The issues are reportedly affecting the Student of History achievement, earned weapons and matchmaking, among many others.

Bungie is currently under fire due to its latest patch's failure to fix some know issues. For one, the Student of History achievement in "Destiny: Rise of Iron" had already been addressed by the developer in the previous patch, but many are still experiencing glitches.

No Student Of History Achievement

According to a user named Stewy, as he achieved Student of History after collecting and attuning all Iron Lord Artifacts, no gear was dropped. Another user named Kemaleon also pointed out a similar flaw. He even discovered that no "Destiny: Rise of Iron" player has so far unlocked this achievement as revealed by his Xbox Achievement app.

Bungie underscored last week that in order to solve this issue, affected players may follow the developer's troubleshooting guide for the game in the Help Article. Both players have tried the recommendation in the provided guide multiple times, but both were not able to succeed.

Matchmaking Error Codes

Matchmaking is another issue haunting "Destiny" players. Bungie first divulged in August 2016 that the private matches will come alongside the "Rise of Iron" expansion as a popular demand. Over a month in the zone, the matchmaking feature seemed to have issues.

According to a user named dannerboy1, he had been experiencing anteater, bee and weasel error codes. He stressed out that the internet service provider has nothing to do with the problem as he is on a strong internet connection. Bungie, however has not addressed this concern in the previous patch. The same problem was reported by a user named Tom NightHawk.

Losing Weapons

Finally, some players complained about losing weapons out of the blue. A user named Ra1ntes voiced out his concern regarding this issue saying that one New Monarchy Exotic Class item had stopped working after using it in a Crucible event and Wrath of the Machine. A user named azzieftw, meanwhile, claimed he lost his Chest pieces that he earned from reaching Rank 8.

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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